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24 January 2009 @ 10:39 pm
블로노트 June 2008  
From 타블로와 꿈꾸는 라디오@MBC


The more attached you become, the harder it is when breaking up
So I'm not going to get attached to this world



Even if we are far apart, if we are thinking same thing, it's same as being together - from the film, Happy Together


Hello, this is Tablo
Sun Woong, you are...
you are okay, right? (Sun Woong is Tablo's real name. I couldn't translate the air it carried in Korean very well. orz)


There are flowers that bloom in April
There are flowers that bloom in May
When the time comes, everyone has someone they love - from 젊은 사슴에 관한 은유 by 박범신


The wind is blowing. I've got to live on.
The wind is blowing. I've got to live on.
The wind is no longer blowing.
But I've got to live on. - from 로트레아몽 백작의 방황과 좌절에 관한 일곱 개의 노트 혹은 절망 연습 by 남친우


The eart is round but the world has gone flat


What's the use of seeing beauty on your own - from the film, Nostalgia


You are the only one I can seen when I close my eyes but I can't see you when I open my eyes
It's driving me crazy


The fact that you would still not be with me even if tomorrow comes.
That is what makes it impossible for me to use the word 'tomorrow' with the meaning of hope.
How nice would it be if instead, yesterday came after today in a reversed order.
You'd be alive and the past time was never great but what would come would be what I already know so I wouldn't be scared at least. - from 행복한 사람은 시계를 보지 않는다 by 은희경


Sometimes, the radio plays a nice song. You can become happy afterwards just by having listend to it. If there is a song I want to listen to for all my life, you would be such a song - from the film, You call it love


I want (to keep) a puppy. But I'm not confident even in that.


It's polite to the memory to be a little unwell - from 밤 삼킨 별의 놀이 없는 놀이터


I went to buy instant noodles in the early morning to the convenience store in pyjamas.
I was about to return after buying them
Ah! I had forgotten to bring my keycard.
I didn't have my phone either. So I waited in pyjama for someone to come... then the dawn came.


In the old days, they used to write poems with quills (feather pens). I wonder if they hoped their thoughts in the words to soar to the sky?


Though the probability of the words in the lyrics being true is low, people still converse in songs. - quoting Bob Dylon


Rank No.1 in divorce and suicide out of OECD countries...
But then why are we putting so much effort to pretend it's okay?


Forcing who cannot see to see
Forcing who can see not to see
Which one is more cruel


I checked my bank account balance
"Hello? This is Tablo- Please check my bank account balance- What? Ten... Ten won?"


We don't own
We are simply passing by - from 아웃오브아프리카


My friend sighes, saying there isn't anything that goes as he wants
It's not as if he's got any intention anyway...


Holding hands with him, you walked past me, pretending not to know me
At that moment, it was the 'Rest to default' setting in the mobile that came to my mind


She said one of her ears could not hear anything
Her right one
So he said to her left ear
that he loves her - from film, 소년 소녀를 만나다


In the world without love
there would be no smile
but there would be no tears either, would there?


No matter where you go in this world
sad things are still sad
and lonely people are still lonely - from film 카모에식당


Now, it feels like I'm disappearing little by little everytime the page in the calender is torn out


The TV was broken and the internet was cut off.


She was the only one in the coffee shop who was reading a book.
Everyone seemed uncomfortable with her.


I'm sure there is grey cloud of my own that follows only me around.


I wish there were two of me
Why? You want to slave your clone too?
No, so that it can give me hugs... - 몽상가 1794

( To more wise words from our rapping poet )
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sophie.: baby i'm legendary.unmyeong on February 17th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for this! :) ♥
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These are all gorgeous; thank you for taking the time to upload/translate them. :)
ishougen: Tabloishougen on February 17th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
bb, you are amazing. ♥♥♥!!!
siriusmoonpupsiriusmoonpup on February 17th, 2009 11:00 pm (UTC)
wow thanks =]
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Oh, Tablo. Thank you as always for translating!
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thanks for sharing.
why so deep tablo-yah
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Thank you ♥
essyllus: life → bridge wishesessyllus on February 20th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)
thank you for translating! <3

I particularly love this batch. . .